About Us

The Premier Provider of Processed and Packaged Corn Goods

Wildlife Foods is a family-owned-and-operated business in rural Georgia. Since 1995, we have been processing and packaging agricultural goods, particularly corn in various forms. Today, we take pride in being a national leader in the wildlife feed industry. We are a proud member of the Georgia Agribusiness Council.


What We Do

We purchase all our corn from cooperatives, farmers, and local growers to meet our quality standards. Our whole ear corn is sorted by hand and specially packaged for backyard hobbyists, and the waste products are recycled for animal feed. Meanwhile, our shelled corn is brought in by truckload to our modern facility in Greensboro, GA. It is then cracked and cleaned in batches.

Mission Statement

Wildlife Foods is dedicated to providing quality wildlife feeding products to national markets. Through building strong relationships with customers and focusing on individual responsibilities, we are able to establish a reputation for producing the highest quality wildlife feeding products for our clients.